Functional and Visual Regression Testing with excellence

Don't break code. Don't break layout.

Using cometa provides many benefits for your project.

  • Automation of human actions on websites made easy.
  • 100% Open source made with ♥ in Barcelona.
  • Visual comparison with screenshots!
  • Easy UI testing on over 2000 devices.
  • REST API integrates easy and smooth.
  • Now that you know it - there are no more excuses left.

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Cometa features

Don't break code. Don't break layout. Using cometa provides many benefits for your project.

Being 100% open source and providing complete functionalities via REST API makes integration of third party tools (jMeter, Jenkins, Git, ...) even more easy.

Icon of Test Automation

Test Automation

Create tests to analyze and verify each part of your website. Simply check its status.

Icon of Google

Sign in via Google, OIDC, ...

Access through your Google account and enjoy our service. On-premises installation uses OIDC login.

Icon of Multiple devices

Test on Multiple Devices

Test the functionalities of your website in different responsive devices. Receive eMail summary of test results.

Icon of a Calendar Schedule

Schedule Execution

Schedule the execution of your tests weekly or monthly at the minute, time or day that you want.

Icon of Web Browser

Browser Automation

Test your web projects in just some browsers or compatibility on 2000+ devices with BrowserStack integratioln. Software made in Europe with excellence.

Icon of folders

Flexible Hierarchy

Manage your tests through our hierarchy, where you can select the department, application and environment of your project.

User based folder type organization. Each user can personally re-group individual tests. Woah!

How does co.meta Work

co.meta is a web automation, ui testing tool to create organized ui tests online to check your project.
co.meta continously tests functionality and performes visual regression tests with image comparison.
This will take your development to the next level.

Enjoy the screenshots ... or try out co.meta and convince yourself. co.meta trial

Testplan Editor Screenshot

Testplan Editor

Automated Software Testing made easy. The web testing editor is selfexplaining. Write parameterized tests in almost natural language.
Browser Selection Screenshot

Selection of browsers

Vast variety of browsers and operating systems to choose from. Massive parallel and automated website testing saves countless hours.
Testplan Scheduling Screenshot

Scheduling tests

Let co.meta do automated web testing while your are sleeping. Why make things more complicated?
Life Steps Screenshot

Live steps

See live what co.meta executes. Complex software made easy.
Oview Filtering Screenshot

Overview Filtering

Using flexible filtering gives every user a personal view to the testplan dashboard, as needed.
Administration Panel Screenshot

Testplan Sorting

Give your dashboard the correct importance of every items. This way co.meta users may focus just in time on what they need to see.
Administration Panel Screenshot

Test Results

Understanding the performance of your gui testing is probably the most important task. Fine layout, easy overview and more details on click.
Testplan Details Screenshot

Step Detail Results

Each step records the results as executed. Comparing the screenshots shows pixel difference.
Administration Panel Screenshot

Result Score

Result score gives a clean and fast overview of your testplan performance.
Professional logging Screenshot

Professional Logging

Logging is the art of understanding details. Consume logs right inside co.meta. Selfservice at it's best.
Administration Panel Screenshot

Testplan actions

Most needed actions in prominent position for fast access. Saves valuable time. Reduced complexity for easy understanding.
Administration Panel Screenshot

Administration panel

The administration panel provides a minimal set of actions. co.meta was designed to be self-service. This is probably the most unused screen.
Edit Testplan general information Screenshot

Choosing Departments

Selfexplaining. co.meta offers an easy to understand security-concept for multi-homed tenants.
Overview information Screenshot

Testplan Box

Each testplan is represented with detailed information on the dashboard. Focus on important information of complex test-situations.
Feature Options Menu Screenshot

Actions Dashboard Menu

The clean layout makes navigation to actions in testplan dashboard easy. Clean layouts help to focus.
Continue on failure Screenshot

Continue on failure

With 'Continue on failure' you can define whether or not failing steps will stop the execution of a feature.


co.meta has been developed with 100% open source tools. Scales 100%. Can be used on-premises, on desktop or on cloud. co.meta is unicode compliant. The co.meta REST API integrates easily with continous testing solutions as seen in gitlab.

co.meta For Enterprise

Time always means money. co.meta reduces test hours to minutes or seconds.

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    Multiple Authentication Providers
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    Installation on premise or Cloud
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    Custom installation time in 15 min
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    Enterprise Security
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    Full access control by users and groups
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    Access security by OIDC
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    Live, Interactive Testing
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    Implemented in docker technology
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    Priority Support


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